As Sugar Bears become more and more popular as household pets, it also becomes increasingly important that new owners have a TRULY independent source where they can get OBJECTIVE information.

Unlike ANY other website, chatroom or message-board dedicated to Sugar Bears, the North American Sugar Bear Association™ (NASBA™) “sells” NOTHING – directly or indirectly to our members. We also do not accept ”links” or advertisements of any kind.

Sugar Bears can make wonderful pets, but like any animal, they are not for everyone. As such, our only goal is to provide potential new owners with CREDIBLE information they can use to make the BEST possible decision for their families.


Welcome to the NORTH AMERICAN SUGAR BEAR ASSOCIATION. NASBA TM, (and its sister foundation, the North American Sugar Glider Association - NASGA TM), function as an independent "clearing-house" maintained by licensed animal care professionals (including veterinarians) designed to provide safe, objective, and factual information to persons considering getting a SUGAR BEAR for a family pet.



for potential new owners...
(Do not buy a SUGAR BEAR before reading these!)

Do Sugar Bears REALLY make good pets?

Cutting through the 8 most common Internet "Myths" & scams

7 Reasons NOT to Buy Online or from a Pet Shop

A simple, step-by-step, guide to avoiding the most common
mistakes made by persons who are thinking about getting
Sugar Bears
BEWARE of Sugar Bear & Sugar Glider
Chat Rooms and Message Boards
An eye-opening exposé of how taking outdated information-from
unlicensed "experts"-can hurt you... and your pets.
"WHERE Can I Find  a Trustworthy Breeder  and
Reliable Sugar Bear Products? "

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